Roselyn & Francois

Roselyn & Francois

2nd September 2018

Hartley by Martin Liana

Photographer – Elias Pap Photography

Highlights of the day
seeing the look on Frank’s face standing at the top of the church waiting for me to
walk down the isle – I will never forget the smile on his face and seeing how happy he was.
And of course how handsome he looked in his suit!  Was an amazing experience to travel
to Sydney and spend the most magical day of our lives with our combined family
and friends and hearing what a fabulous time they had at the wedding.

Feedback on your Tuscany experience
I felt like the hardest decision I had to make was the dress.
I was scared the day would come and I wouldn’t be excited about wearing the
dress…so I was a nightmare shopper!!
The team at Tuscany were amazing, especially Lucy and Vi – they were so patient and understanding and took so much time to make sure we got there in the end.
Lucy didn’t give up on me! I would highly recommend Tuscany to anyone looking for a bridal dress, they have a varied design range for any budget, all styles and the service is exceptional.

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