Olivia & Nick

Olivia & Nick

Wedding Date :- 12th March 2022

Gown :- Martina Liana #1106 with added overskirt
Wedding Ceremony and Reception :- St Mary’s Cathedral and Barrett Lane
Photographer :- Chong Lee Photography

Highlights of your day :- “My husband’s speech. My hubby is a very tough and not at all an emotional person, but he delivered the most heart warming speech that had himself, his groomsmen and our guests in tears. People had tissues falling apart cause they were crying so much. It was beautiful and not at all expected.”

Tuscany Bridal Experience :- “I tried on maybe 6/7 dresses that I thought were the style I wanted. I tried to call it quits and was going to leave when the lovely lady helping me for the day brought out the dress I ended up purchasing. As soon as I put it on I knew it was the one. I didn’t want to take it off. To give it a bit more wow and to look a bit more ‘cathedral appropriate’ we added an overskirt. I never would have thought of doing this. It was perfect in every way.”



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