Maddisen and Jeff

Maddisen and Jeff
Wedding date 10th January 2020

Gown :- Jasper by Essense Designs

Photographer – Christina Denton Photography

Makeup – Gemma Collins Makeup artist

Hair – Radiant Hair design

Highlights:- Every second of our wedding was absolutely incredible!  To be surrounded by the most important people in our lives, many who had travelled far and wide to celebrate our marriage was so special, plus to have done it all on my parents property was beyond perfect! Being completely honest, every single moment was a highlight.. From walking down the aisle to dancing under the stars, surrounded by fairy lights with my incredible husband, family and friends was all pure magic! I could write forever about it!

Tuscany Experience:- – Absolutely wonderful! Searching for my wedding dress was so much fun! When you do find ‘the one’ you just know and it is such an amazing feeling! After trying on countless dresses across a number of stores, we had our appointment at Tuscany and knew we were in the right place. It was exactly in our price range and the dresses were stunning! The feeling of trying on my wedding dress for the first time and the incredible emotions that came with it will always stay with me. Just beautiful!  My dress was an absolute dream to wear! It was exactly me and perfect in every way! This dress surprised me as it wasn’t at all heavy, sat perfectly the entire day and night, was incredibly comfortable and most importantly – so much fun to dance in! It truly was my dream dress come to life!

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