Kylie & Manuel

Kylie & Manuel

Wedding Date :- 13th November 2021

Gown :- Essense of Australia #D3112
Wedding Ceremony and Reception :- Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough
Photographer :- EJ Creative

Highlights of your day :- “Taking a moment with my new husband during the height of festivities at the reception to sit at our bridal table, just the two of us and soak in that moment together. I knew the day was going to be a whirlwind, so I wanted to make sure that we took just a few minutes together to be present so we could remember how we felt in that very moment and I’m so glad that we did. There was so much love in that room that night, I really encourage every couple getting married to commit to doing this! Put it in the run sheet and get your MC to pull you both aside if you have to!

Having my veil fly off my head and over the edge of the hotel deck. That veil got carried with the wind So far into the distance, I thought I would never get it back! Somehow someone on social media had seen the ONE post I put up while away on my honeymoon in search of it and contacted me to tell me that it landed right outside her apartment about 1.5km away, she had it safely stored away in hopes someone would come looking for it! I got my beautiful veil back in perfect condition.”

Tuscany Bridal Experience :- “This Essense of Australia dress was just meant to be! It was my first time looking and the first dress you put on me was the dress. Thank you so much for making my experience a really special one. I had always hoped I would feel the ‘this is it’ moment when I put on a dress and you guys got me there first go!”

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