Why do I need to make an appointment to try on wedding gowns?

To ensure we can give you our full attention and the service a Bride to Be requires, appointments are necessary.

Can I come in and just have a look at your gowns?

You are welcome to come in and have a look at our gowns but what we find is that generally, once people come into Tuscany Bridal, they want to try gowns on… And to do this, you do need an appointment, as we need to make sure there is a consultant available to get you in and out of our gowns and also that there is a change room available.

How long is my appointment?

Bridal gown appointments are 1 hour. We find that this is plenty of time to try many styles without getting confused and overwhelmed. If, at the end of your appointment you need longer, we will happily book you another appointment.

What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring pictures of dresses you’ve seen on our website, in magazines, or that you’ve tried on elsewhere. And bring an open mind: don’t be surprised if you find “the dress” on your first visit to Tuscany. We have shoes and petticoats if you need them.

Who should I bring to my appointment?

Bring the closest friend or family member whose opinion you value and who knows you well and with whom you want to share the experience of buying your gown. Bringing more than 3 others can take the focus off of you.

What are the price ranges for your gowns?

The majority of our gowns range between $1800 – $2500.
We also carry some Couture Designer Collections that range from $3000 – $5000.
Off-the-rack samples can be much less, discounted around 50% off.

What size gowns are available for me to try on?

Most of our samples are the traditional sample size, which is 12. We also carry a good selection of designer plus-size samples. Many of our designers manufacture up to size 30.

May I take pictures of the gowns while I try them on?

We do not allow cameras, phones or ipads in the showroom or fitting rooms while you are shopping. Once you have purchased a dress, you may take as many pictures as you’d like.

Can I complete my entire look in one appointment?

Absolutely! Not only do many brides find their dress on their first visit to our salon, but they also find their Bridesmaids’ gowns and all their accessories (veils, headpieces, jewellery etc) on their first visit.

Do I need to make an appointment to look at accessories?

You may walk in at any time to try on veils, headpieces and jewellery.

Do I need to make an appointment for my bridesmaids to try on gowns?

Yes, as we need to ensure that there are change rooms available for your. There are also many size, style and colour options available for your bridesmaids, which you will need one of our experienced consultants to help answer all these questions.

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