Emily & Rich

Wedding Date : 16th September 2018

Gown : Lalita – Essense of Australia

Photographer : Bali Mandira Bali

Highlights of your day

Seeing how beautiful the set up was for the ceremony & reception; going to the reception and knowing the photos were over with! (Ha ha even though my dress wasn’t too bulky it was still very hot in Bali! )

Your Tuscany Bridal Experience

My experience was made so easy with the honesty provided by Lucy at Tuscany Bridal. With her experience, she knew what would work for me and what wouldn’t. She would say if something didn’t look good and I really appreciate that type of honesty when I’m shopping. I was lucky enough to find my dress at Tuscany Bridal which was the first store I booked.  I had booked 2 other bridal stores that day and after visiting the one across the road where the staff member told me I looked good in every dress and promoted that I buy one off the shelf that day for a discount… I realised how much effort Tuscany made to make your dress so special for you & I cancelled my other bookings and went back to get my dress!

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